Episodes tagged: health

Rich History of Food with Brent Rosen of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum

Episode —  № 158

December 28, 2020

Guest: Brent Rosen

Preserving Public Housing with Dr. Lisa Lee of the National Public Housing Museum

Episode —  № 135

July 20, 2020

Guest: Dr. Lisa Lee

Creating Places for Nature in Urban Communities with Alden Stoner of Nature Sacred

Episode —  № 133

July 6, 2020

Guest: Alden Stoner, Nature Sacred

Clara Barton to Coronavirus: American Public Health History with Dr. Marian Moser Jones

Episode —  № 131

June 22, 2020

Guest: Dr. Marian Moser Jones

What Civil War-Era Medicine Can Teach About Today’s Pandemic with Jake Wynn of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Episode —  № 123

April 27, 2020

Guest: Jake Wynn, National Museum of Civil War Medicine

[Healthy, Hip & Historic] “The Future of History” by Greg Werkheiser, Cultural Heritage Partners

Episode —  № 120

March 27, 2020

Guest: Greg Werkheiser, Cultural Heritage Partners

[Healthy, Hip & Historic] “Preserving History, Promoting Health” by Dr. Mimi Narayan

Episode —  № 118

March 25, 2020

Guest: Dr. Debarati Majumdar “Mimi” Narayan

[Healthy, Hip & Historic] “People, Old Places and Health” by Dr. Jeremy C. Wells

Episode —  № 117

March 24, 2020

Guest: Dr. Jeremy C. Wells