Episode —  № 87

Myth Busting Historic Tax Credits with Renee Kuhlman

The term policy is usually associated with facts, figures, and dry, boring statistics. Today’s guest, Renee Kuhlman, proves that association wrong. In her 19 years at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Renee has provided advocacy training, written articles, and briefs on policy issues, and has worked with preservationists around the country to effect real […]

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Episode —  № 86

Saving Historic Ellicott City with Mary Catherine Cochran

Ellicott City Maryland is a place that exudes authenticity. It has been flooded again and again, traipsed over by Civil War soldiers, and stained by locomotive smoke. Unfortunately, the most recent floods have resulted in local officials calling to demolish large portions of the historic district, a move that could set a terrible precedent here […]

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Episode —  № 85

Modernizing Historic Annapolis with Karen Theimer Brown

For today’s guest, heading back to the eighteenth century is a daily occurrence and a requirement. Karen Theimer Brown is the vice-president of preservation at Historic Annapolis, a non-profit organization tasked with protecting, preserving and interpreting the history of Maryland’s capital city. Founded in 1649, Annapolis remains one of the most authentic and intact colonial […]

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Episode —  № 84

Two-Stepping Through Dance Hall Country with Steph McDougal

Preservationists often wear many hats across a variety of fields. Today’s guest is no exception. Steph McDougal is a preservation renaissance figure – working as a preservation consultant, authoring books about Texas architecture, and volunteering her time to serve her community and to save historic dance halls throughout the Lone Star State.  Not only is Steph the founder of McDoux […]

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Episode —  № 83

Exploring Harriet Tubman’s Dorchester County with Amanda Fenstermaker

Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a place rich in history. Dorchester County, founded in 1669, is one of the Shores’ most historic places – a place perhaps most famous for its connection to Harriet Tubman – one of Maryland’s most iconic and daring daughters. This week’s guest Amanda Fenstermaker works tirelessly to market, advocate, and protect […]

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Episode —  № 82

Deep Sea Diving with Dr. Robert Neyland

Underwater archaeology holds a special place in historic preservation. Dramatic, risky, cold, murky are all words that come to mind. For the stalwart archaeologists of the United States Naval History and Heritage Command it’s not just about finding history. It’s also about protecting the 242 year legacy of the United States Navy. Dr. Robert Neyland, […]

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Episode —  № 81

Flying Through Aviation History with Andrea Cochrane Tracey

The World War I fighter ace Eddie Rickenbacker once wrote that, “Aviation is proof that given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.” Today’s guest, Andrea Cochrane Tracey, is leading the effort to preserve and interpret the College Park Aviation Museum, a place that tells that story of conquering the impossible just […]

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Episode —  № 80

Keeping Historic Savannah Authentic with Daniel Carey

Savannah, Georgia, often conjures up visions of elegant mansions shrouded by graceful Spanish moss clinging to the branches of towering live oaks. But that vision isn’t always a given. It is a daily fight to protect the city’s historic character from the ravages of time and being loved to death by throngs of tourists every year. Fortunately, […]

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Episode —  № 79

Hands-On Preservation with Matt Hankins of Worcester Eisenbrandt

Historic preservation without tradespeople is just theory. That’s why today’s guest, Matt Hankins, is so important. Matt is a talented and experienced preservation carpenter and shop supervisor at Worcester Eisenbrandt, the leading historic property renovation and restoration firm in the Mid-Atlantic region. He has spent years learning how to restore historic places using traditional methods. In this […]

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Episode —  № 78

America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Just last week, the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced its annual list of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in America. Two of these eleven sites are located in Maryland! Since Preservation Maryland is the host of PreserveCast, this news hit close to home, quite literally. The historic waterfront of Annapolis and George Washington’s […]

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Episode —  № 77

Keeping NOLA Hip and Historic with Danielle Del Sol

America’s most iconic and historic neighborhoods may inadvertently become “loved to death.” Although heritage tourism brings many economic benefits to most established U.S. cities, it also comes with its fair share of challenges for its local populations. The negative effects of the rise in short-term rental properties have been felt in New Orleans’ French Quarter. […]

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Episode —  № 76

Preservation Buffalo Style with Jessie Fisher

Buffalo. The very word conjures up visions of snow drifts and shuttered factories, but the reality is much different. Today, Buffalo is a city on the rise and the rich history of this city by the lake is playing a starring role in its renaissance. Today’s guest, Jessie Fisher, is leading the city-wide preservation group […]

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Episode —  № 75

Kristen Harbeson and the Environmental Side of Preservation

Not all preservationists are environmentalists and not all environmentalists are preservationists – but today’s guest is, in fact, both. Kristen Harbeson is the Political Director of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters – the political voice of the environment. She’s a tireless advocate for healthy communities and has made a career in standing up for issues that matter […]

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Episode —  № 74

Dennis Frye and the History We Think We Know

Do you ever wonder how people can write new books about history? Shouldn’t it never change because it’s all in the past? The truth is anything but. No one can explain that better than today’s guest, Dennis Frye. Having been involved in everything from giving tours to leading nationally important preservation and battlefield protection organizations, […]

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Episode —  № 73

Brittany LaVelle Tulla and Historic Charleston

What do you think it takes for a historic location to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site? This week’s guest, Brittany LaVelle Tulla, thinks that her home and her passion, Charleston, South Carolina, has what it takes. Join Nick as he and Brittany talk all things historic preservation in one of the most […]

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Episode —  № 72

Keeping Original Windows with Sam Pardue of Indow

When you live in an historic home, it may seem like there is always a new challenge rising up out of the woodwork especially when it comes to wood windows. Some folks say the only way to improve the efficiency of your windows is to replace them. Today’s guest, Sam Pardue of Indow Windows, was […]

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Episode —  № 71

Baltimore and the Royal Family with Philip Baty

The British Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is just around the corner. It’s a historic moment, and the buzz around it has even crossed the pond and reached PreserveCast. The excitement has also provided us the perfect reason to talk to a true Baltimore Original, Philip Baty. Philip has spent years curating […]

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Episode —  № 70

Rod Cofield and Museum Education on the Ground

Talking about museums is one thing, but what about the folks on the ground who really make the history happen? Rod Cofield is our guest this week, and while currently the Director of Historic London Town and Gardens, he has been on the frontlines of history education his whole career. Rod and Nick spoke about […]

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Episode —  № 69

Sarah Marsom and the Rust Belt Coalition of Young Preservationists

Preservationists come in all shapes and sizes, but have you ever heard of a preservationist cut-out doll? Today’s guest, Sarah Marsom, is a jack-of-all-trades in terms of historic preservation. She’s a consultant, a co-founder of the Rust Belt Coalition of Young Preservationists, and to top it all off she created the Tiny Activist Project, which […]

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Episode —  № 68

Big Picture Preservation with Tyler Tate of Lewis Contractors

For some of the big catalytic preservation and reuse projects out there, it can take a village of craftspeople and specialists to properly restore and preserve them. One of the biggest and best contractors who can manage big picture preservation projects is with us today! Tyler Tate is the President of Lewis Contractors, a construction company that specializes […]

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Episode —  № 67

Adventures in Preservation with Judith Broeker

As the winter comes to a close, you may find yourself dreaming of some relaxation time. Sure there’s the beach or camping, but have you ever considered a trip where you can help repair 500 year old stone towers in Eastern Europe? If your answer to that question is yes!, this is the podcast for […]

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Episode —  № 66

Abandoned America: Photography by Matthew Christopher

As historic preservationists we often can feel a sense of despair whenever we see a building that’s been abandoned for years or even decades. Our guest today, Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America, knows just that feeling. That’s why he is dedicated to gaining access to abandoned buildings and spaces across the country, and photographing what […]

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Episode —  № 65

The London Mudlark with Lara Maiklem

It can happen to anybody; you’re walking along and notice a quarter on the ground, and when you pick it up you realize it’s historic, from the 195os or even earlier! It can make you wonder what history lies just beneath the surface. Well today’s guest, Lara Maiklem, does more than just wonder. Lara, also […]

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Episode —  № 64

Preserving LGBTQ Historic Sites with Susan Ferentinos

Simply tracing the history of the LGBTQ community, as it is with other marginalized groups, can be challenging for a myriad of reasons. Let alone the challenges of identifying and interpreting historic places that were and are important to the LGBTQ community. Fortunately, Susan Ferentinos is leading the way, and has quite literally written the […]

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Episode —  № 63

The Domino Sugars Sign: Live from Triangle Signs!

If you’ve ever seen an image of the skyline of Baltimore City, one thing that might have stuck with you is the massive, glowing Domino Sugars sign. Earlier this month we at PreserveCast got to visit the sugar refinery underneath that sign, which to this day processes some 7 million pounds of sugar a day. […]

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Episode —  № 62

The Enchanted Forest at Clark’s Elioak Farm

If you’ve ever wanted to dive deeper into classic fairy tales, you may have enjoyed Maryland’s once famous attraction the Enchanted Forest. But what happens to all of the buildings and unique concrete structures of a 1950s amusement park when it closes? In this case, they found a second life as part of Clark’s Elioak […]

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Episode —  № 61

Berea, Kentucky: Gateway to the Mountains and the Arts

In Berea, Kentucky, the local government has taken stock of and decided to invest in the town’s historic artistry and crafting. Mayor Steven Connelly joined Nick to share some of the unique history of his town, such as how they pushed back against segregationist policies of the Jim Crow South, and he shared news of […]

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Episode —  № 60

Rosenwald School with Director Aviva Kempner

You’ve probably heard of Andrew Carnegie or the Rockefeller family, but have you heard of Julius Rosenwald? Today’s guest may be able to help with that. Aviva Kempner is a Peabody award winning documentary filmmaker, whose work focuses on unsung heroes from Jewish history. I spoke with Aviva about her most recent work which details […]

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Episode —  № 59

The Brewmaster’s Castle: The Heurich House Museum

If you think about history in Washington, D.C. you’ll probably think about all the massive monuments and national museums. While there’s nothing wrong with that, D.C. has local history and culture just like any city, and few places capture that history like the Heurich House Museum. Kim Bender and Jennifer Ezell joined Nick from the […]

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Episode —  № 58

Highway to History: Maryland State Highway Administration

At first glance, it might seem strange to think of an archaeologist working in a state’s highway administration office. But in reality the two can go hand-in-hand. Julie Schablitsky has conducted archaeological research and digs everywhere from Scotland to Maryland to California. She has utilized augmented reality to allow people to explore reconstructions of slave […]

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Episode —  № 57

The History Doctor, Taylor Stoermer

Big picture questions in public history and historic preservation can sometimes be intimidating to think about. What should the public expect from their historic institutions? How do public history sites remain relevant in a world that seems to change more and more every year? Fortunately, there are people out there like today’s guest, Dr. Taylor […]

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Episode —  № 56

Teaching Young Preservationists New Tricks: The YPA’s Preservation Podcast

What does it mean to be a preservationist? How does the built environment that surrounds you impact your daily life? Why does it matter? It’s never too early or too late to think about these questions, especially according to today’s guests, Matthew Craig and Christian Hughes. Matthew, Christian, and I talked about their work through […]

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Episode —  № 55

McMansion Hell!

Have you ever seen a building and had something about it rub you the wrong way, but you can’t explain it? Well, today’s guest may be able to help you find the right words. Kate Wagner runs the popular blog McMansion Hell, which takes a comedic approach to dissecting modern suburban architecture, as well as […]

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Episode —  № 54

Repurposing Historic Mills: The Jones Falls Tell-All

It’s easy to be surprised by the history in your own backyard, even if you’re a historic preservationist. Nathan Dennies, the chairperson and founder of the Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance, joined Nick to trace the history of Baltimore’s iconic Hampden-Woodberry neighborhood, including the many recently re-purposed historic mills, Baltimore’s famous “Avenue,” and the Jones Falls […]

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Episode —  № 53

The Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation

Often if we don’t make a special effort to remember and tell the stories of individuals and groups within history, their contributions to our shared story can all too easily be forgotten. That is as true for Jewish-Americans as for any other group. And that is why Jerry Klinger founded the Jewish American Society for […]

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Episode —  № 52

Dana Saylor and the Art of Historic Placemaking

Ever walk into a historic building or place and find yourself imagining new ways to use it? Like an art project or public event? Well, it’s one thing to have the idea, but a historic change maker like today’s guest Dana Saylor, is someone who actually follows through. Dana is a prominent voice in placemaking, […]

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Episode —  № 51

On-Site from the American Visionary Art Museum

A few weeks ago we took PreserveCast on the road — albeit only a few blocks — to visit a truly unique historic place, the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). Nick sat down with AVAM’s founder, Rebecca Hoffberger, in one of the museums several re-purposed historic buildings to discuss the history of the institution that houses the […]

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Episode —  № 50

In Defense of Brutalism: Greg Galer of the Boston Preservation Alliance

When is a building worth saving? This can be a controversial question even among preservationists. Greg Galer, the Executive Director of the Boston Preservation Alliance, joined us on PreserveCast to share his perspective. Greg has worked to preserve many examples of mid-century modern Brutalist architecture like Boston City Hall and the Boston Christian Science Center. […]

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Episode —  № 49

The Anarchist’s Podcast on Historic House Museums

It may not come as a surprise that some historians and museum professionals are not always quick to adapt to change, but that’s only some of us. There are others out there, like today’s guest Frank Vagnone, who not only are capable of adapting, but thrive on inverting the status quo of museums and public […]

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Episode —  № 48

Jim Lighthizer and the Civil War Trust

How are battlefields preserved? Why are battlefields preserved? What should we do with a battlefield site once it is protected? These are all important questions and we are fortunate to be joined by someone who can possibly provide the answers. Jim Lighthizer is the President of the Civil War Trust and an expert in battlefield […]

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Episode —  № 47

The History of Women’s Suffrage in Maryland and Beyond

Often with history and historic preservation it can be all too easy for the places associated with a particular piece of our history to fall through the cracks. To a degree, that has been the case with the history of Maryland’s Women’s Suffrage Movement. But today we’re joined by historian Kacy Rohn, a native Marylander […]

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Episode —  № 46

True Treats Candy and the Age-Old Sweet Tooth

It doesn’t matter if it’s your molar, your canine, or what, everybody has some kind of sweet tooth. Something that you may not be thinking about is how that sweet tooth has played a role in history. Susan Benjamin is the founder of True Treats Candy in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and author of the […]

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Episode —  № 45

Mary Anthony and the 1772 Foundation

Based in Newport, Rhode Island, The 1772 Foundation’s mission is to ensure the safe passage of historic buildings and farmland to future generations in the Northeast and around the country. Under the direction of today’s guest, Mary Anthony, one of the key tools the Foundation uses to accomplish this mission is their nationwide historic property […]

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Episode —  № 44

Primitive Technology and the Food of the Future

As historic preservationists, we often can fall into only thinking about history through the framework of buildings and sites or even get caught up on buildings from just one era. That is not the case for our guest today, Dr. Bill Schindler. Bill is one of the world’s leading experimental archaeologists and an expert on […]

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Episode —  № 43

PlaceEconomics and the Threat to the Federal Historic Tax Credit Program

Understanding why preserving historic places makes good economic sense can sometimes seem complex and hard to explain. But fortunately our guest today is Donovan Rypkema, the Principal of PlaceEconomics and the President of Heritage Strategies International, and a man who has made a career out of explaining the interplay of economics, real estate, and preservation. […]

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Episode —  № 42

Montgomery Modern: What’s the Future for Mid-Century Modern Architecture?

When does history end? For some, like today’s guest Clare Lise Kelly, it might be closer to the present than you think. Clare is an architectural historian here in Maryland whose focus is the preservation of mid-century modern architecture from the 1950s and 60s. She literally wrote the book Montgomery Modern, focused on the architecture […]

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Episode —  № 41

Paint Chip Analysis with Dr. Susan Buck

From buildings to furniture to fine art, there are few historic objects or items that Dr. Susan Buck would be unable to analyze through the microscopic examination of paint samples. Join us for a conversation about Susan’s work on projects from Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia, to the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, to items from 19th […]

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Episode —  № 40

Colin Dickey’s Ghostland and the PreserveCast Spooktacular

As preservationists, we here at PreserveCast are usually concerned with the physical history: what we can know from the cold hard facts. But seeing as how it’s October and Halloween is around the corner, we thought we’d talk a little about haunted history. Author Colin Dickey joined me to talk about the history of ghost […]

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Episode —  № 39

Joe McGill and the Slave Dwelling Project

Few historic moments continue to reverberate through our nation quite like the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. But despite the way the history lives on, there are some parts that will always be challenging for us to face as a nation. Joe McGill, the founder of the Slave Dwelling Project, joined me to […]

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Episode —  № 38

Building Information Modeling at George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows architects to measure elements of a building down to the centimeter, and Tom Reinhart is here to explain how George Washington’s Mount Vernon is expanding on that technology even further to get the most benefit for historic preservationists. What do you get when you cross information from George Washington’s own […]

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Episode —  № 37

Save Historic Antietam Foundation: How to Preserve a Battlefield

It’s hard to talk about the history of the Civil War without touching on the Maryland Campaign, which came to an end with the Battle of Antietam. This battle was not only the single bloodiest day of the War, but also precipitated Abraham Lincoln’s issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation. And as important as the battle […]

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Episode —  № 36

Community Forklift and the Ethics of Reuse

Community Forklift is part of a vital, growing industry, that of reuse and architectural salvage. Ruthie Mundell, the current Director of Outreach and Education and one of Community Forklift’s first employees is here to share with us her own origin story, as well as share about the amazing work that the group is doing today. […]

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Episode —  № 35

The Archives of M.A.R.M.I.A.: Audio and Visual Media Preservation

Historic preservation is about maintaining a record of human history and those who have come before us, and that doesn’t just mean buildings. Film, tape, and other analog media mediums are not going to last forever and there are only a few people out there who understand the potential threat of losing countless hours of […]

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Episode —  № 34

Saving Froelicher Hall: Goucher College’s Historic Building Move

Moving a historic home is already a challenge. But moving a historic college dorm? Stick around while Nick talks to Terence McCann, Jr., the Director of Facilities Management Services at Goucher College, where they are in the process of moving three out of four of the original buildings that make up Froelicher Hall. This move […]

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Episode —  № 33

Revolving Funds, Easements, and D.C. Preservation with the L’Enfant Trust

Historic preservation is not always accomplished through the same methods, and it’s certainly not the same everywhere you go. That’s why Nick sat down with Lauren Oswalt McHale, President of the L’Enfant Trust in Washington, D.C., to compare notes on some of the Trust’s biggest programs. This includes their massive conservation easement program, as well […]

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Episode —  № 32

Live from the Old Line State Summit!

On July 12th of this year, preservationists from across the state of Maryland convened at the U.S. Naval Academy to take part in the Old Line State Summit, Preservation Maryland’s annual conference. Participants learned about all of the most current topics in the field, ranging from virtual and augmented reality, to the preservation of LGBTQ […]

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Episode —  № 31

Saving the Numero Uno Taco Bell

Every once in a while we in the preservation community can do with a pick me up; a preservation story where in spite of the challenges, people’s better nature prevails. And honestly that is the case with our guests this week, Matt Prince of Taco Bell and Katie Rispoli Keaotamai of We Are The Next. With […]

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Episode —  № 30

GIS and Technological Advances in Archaeology

There’s more to modern archaeology than the old shovel and trowel. With the use of Geographic Information Systems, archaeologists can create maps of land surface down to extraordinarily specific levels, and predict sites for teams to go in and dig. Nick sat down with Stacy Poulos from Maryland’s own Anne Arundel County to discuss the […]

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Episode —  № 29

Glass, Gas, and the Past: Neon Sign Preservation and Restoration

Although not always the first thing to come to mind as a cultural resource in need of preservation, neon signs are a unique form of art that exist at the crossroads of 20th century popular history and the preservation of what can make a community unique. And they look cool doing it. Join us as […]

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Episode —  № 28

We Are The Next: Youth Engagement in the 21st Century

Historic Preservation is meant to keep the best parts of the past alive so that future generations can partake in these shared cultural resources. But what is the point of that if future generations aren’t interested, or simply don’t know how to approach the world of preservation? Thankfully Katie Rispoli Keaotamai, the founder and executive […]

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Episode —  № 27

Energy Sprawl and Open Space Preservation in Kent County

The spread of clean energy technologies is the wave of the future, but where exactly should wind and solar plants go? Nick sat down with Elizabeth Watson and Janet Christensen-Lewis of the Kent Conservation and Preservation Alliance in Kent County, Maryland, to discuss their experience working to find alternative locations for wind turbines away from […]

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Episode —  № 26

Open Source Preservation with Baltimore Heritage

These days even folks who consider themselves luddites may very well have an e-mail address. That’s why it’s important to consider where online all the data and information we use on a daily basis is stored, who owns, and perhaps most important, who can access. Fortunately we are joined this week by Eli Pousson of […]

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Episode —  № 25

Too Afraid to Cry: Maryland Civilians in the Antietam Campaign

The battle at Antietam Creek has gone down in history as the bloodiest day of the American Civil War. But as too often happens in significant military moments, people tend to overlook what this battle meant for the local civilian population. That’s why this week’s guest, the award-winning author Kathleen Ernst, decided to do exactly […]

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Episode —  № 24

Diners, Dueling Grounds, and Dives: Roadside Architecture and the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area

Route One was once America’s thoroughfare, built over the older Quebec-Miami International Highway and the Atlantic Highway. A decent stretch of this old road falls under the purview of Aaron Marcavitch, the Executive Director of Maryland’s Anacostia Trails Heritage Area and this week’s guest. Aaron is an advocate for the preservation of roadside architecture, ranging […]

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Episode —  № 23

The Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area

Thinking of taking a trip and the beach just isn’t cutting it? You might stop to think about heritage tourism. Liz Shatto is here with us this week to share her knowledge of heritage tourism, and more specifically, about her own little slice of it at the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area. From […]

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Episode —  № 22

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity: Preservation in the Southern Climate

Phew! Everybody loves the summertime, but not so much the beating hot sun! Nick spoke this week with Will Hamilton and Mariah Schwartz about the historic Aiken Rhett House in Charleston, South Carolina, and what preservationists can do to keep the temperature of a historic property under control, especially in the heat of a Southern […]

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Episode —  № 21

Lifting the Building: Historic Preservation and Flood Mitigation

Flooding is a serious problem for any building, but for a historic building, it can be catastrophic. Fortunately for us there are experts out there like this week’s guest Rod Scott who are able to help property owners take preventative measures. Rod not only shares with us how one can raise a building above the […]

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Episode —  № 20

A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist

When you think of archaeology, you may not think of new artifacts being found all the time here in Maryland. But according to our guest, Director of Archaeology for Anne Arundel County Stephanie Sperling, there may be things worth digging up in your backyard! Stick around as we learn about a day in the life of […]

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Episode —  № 19

Revitalization and the Restoration Economy

Here at Preservation Maryland we know that historic preservation can be a part of a larger world of reuse and revitalization, and we know that these projects are occurring all over the world. That’s why we brought in Storm Cunningham, a speaker, consultant, and thinker whose ideas have been put into practice all across the […]

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Episode —  № 18

Moving Historic Buildings

From power lines to old wood floors, there are a lot of challenges to overcome if you want to move a historic building. Fortunately for us Jeremy Bradham of Capitol Area Preservation in Raleigh, North Carolina, is able to explain how to overcome those challenges. Jeremy talks us through a typical building move, as well as […]

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Episode —  № 17

Tricks of the Trade with The Craftsman Blog

Nick is joined by Scott Sidler of the TheCraftsmanBlog.com and Austin Historical in Orlando, Florida, to discuss a range of topics, including Scott’s tips on restoring historic windows in your own home, as well as the story of how a man who moved to Orlando, Florida to “work for the Mouse” came to run one of the […]

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Episode —  № 16

Energy Retrofitting: Windows, Blower Doors, and More

What do you do with a drafty attic? A window? The whole house? Ed Minch and Thom Marston are here with us today to talk about one approach to making homes more energy efficient and their work at the nation’s first energy audit company, Energy Services Group. Stick around and learn about Ed’s “p.h.d.” approach, […]

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Episode —  № 15

ARtGlass: Augmented Reality in the World of Preservation

Ever visit a historic site and wish that you could see just a little bit more of what things were really like? Thanks to the work of Greg Werkheiser and his partners at ARtGlass, that will soon be possible. Listen as Nick and Greg discuss the future of augmented and virtual reality in historic preservation […]

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Episode —  № 14

Tolson’s Chapel and the History of Reconstruction

Tolson’s Chapel was once a school, a church, and the center of a community. Now, thanks to the work of folks like our guest Edie Wallace, as well as Preservation Maryland, it may hopefully serve as a way to glimpse into the often overlooked second act of the story of the Civil War and the emancipation […]

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Episode —  № 13

Architectural Documentation Best Practices with HABS/HAER

Who do you look to when you need historic places, vehicles and more documented on a national level? Well, the National Parks are at your Service! This week Nick spoke to the head of the Historic American Building Survey, Catherine Lavoie, as well as a representative from the Historic American Engineering Record, Dana Lockett. Learn […]

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Episode —  № 11

Planning for Self-Driving Cars: Now is the Time

We’re not too far from a future where self-driving cars are just another part of your daily commute. And according to our guest, Atul Sharma, that will change a lot more than just how you drive. Come and learn how Atul, a planning expert working for Montgomery Country, MD, sees self-driving cars affecting everything from […]

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Episode —  № 12

Civil War Medicine and the Modern Day

Jake Wynn joins Nick this week from the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Learn how the study and practice of medicine from the Civil War period is relevant today, and about how Jake and his colleagues are opening the museum up to new audiences through the use of technology, social media, and a variety of […]

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Episode —  № 10

Cemetery Preservation with the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial Sites

Cemeteries need preserving too! This week, Eileen McGuckian is here to fill us in on the ins and outs of cemetery preservation in general and in her home of Rockville, Maryland. Come explore some of our most tangible means of memory on this week’s PreserveCast. Also note! This week we’re spreading the preservation love as […]

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Episode —  № 9

A Friend of Maryland is a Friend of Mine with Dru Schmidt-Perkins of 1000 Friends of Maryland

1,000 Friends of Maryland is not an actual tally of the Old Line State’s friends. It’s an advocacy group dedicated to helping Maryland communities develop in ways that we can afford – socially, economically, and environmentally. Dru Schmidt-Perkins, the President of 1000 Friends of Maryland, is on this week to talk to Nick about smart […]

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Episode —  № 8

Lend Your Ear to a Preservation Engineer

This week Nick sits down with a bonafide preservation engineer, Mat Daw of Keast & Hood. Mat has done critical building preservation work on all different scales and all over the world, from an annual trip to the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse here in Maryland to doing disaster relief work saving buildings in Haiti. Lend […]

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Episode —  № 7

Preservation through Lasers with Joe Nicoli of Direct Dimensions

Podcast me up, Joe! This week’s episode is all about lasers. Our guest, Joe Nicoli, works with Direct Dimensions to create valuable 3-dimensional scans of historic sites and a wide variety of items. Listen and learn more about how lasers are used in the everyday work of historic preservation, and how laser scanning may be […]

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Episode —  № 6

The Art of 3D Modeling with Michelle Eshelman

This week, Nick sits down with a Preservation Maryland staff member, Michelle Eshelman. Michelle is a frequent user of 3D modeling software and discuss how she has been able to use her skills for the benefit of preservationists. Of particular note is her work in Ellicott City, a historic town that was hit by a […]

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Episode —  № 5

It’s Easy Being Green with Architect Nakita Reed

We’re not talking about painting a roof green! Listen to Nick talk to preservationist and architect Nakita Reed about how sustainable technologies like roof top solar panels are finding their way into the world of historic preservation. Plus, Nakita talks you through some of the basic how-tos of making your historic property more sustainable, and […]

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Episode —  № 4

Yearning for Mount Vernon with Rob Shenk

Would George Washington enjoy surfing the web? How about the idea of people touring his home? Or would he prefer a virtual tour? This week, Nick sits down with Rob Shenk, the Senior Vice President for Visitor Engagement at Mount Vernon. They discuss using new technologies to enhance the visitor experience and bring the story […]

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Episode —  № 3

Underwater Archaeology with Dr. Susan Langley

Archaeology that’s nautical? Highly illogical! In this episode Nick gets to know Dr. Susan Langley, the Maryland State Underwater Archaeologist. Nick and Susan discuss her work at Mallows Bay, Maryland’s bay that is home to the largest ship graveyard in the Western Hemisphere during this PreserveCast episode under the sea!

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Episode —  № 2

Window into the Mind of a Preservationist with Doug Claytor

Historic windows may not sound that exciting, but when Nick sat down with Doug Claytor, a tried-and-true historic preservationist, he peeled back the curtain on a whole world of ways to look at historic buildings. Nick and Doug have a conversation that stretches from Maryland history legends like Barbara Fritchie (whose Civil War-era house Doug […]

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Episode —  № 1

Drone Documentation with Belinda Kilby of Elevated Element

PreserveCast is where historic preservation meets technology, and this episode features Belinda Kilby of the Maryland-based drone photography and videography company Elevated Element. They have already put their expertise to great use in partnership with Preservation Maryland in documenting Ellicott City, Whites Hall, and other historic sites across the state. You’ll want to listen in and see all […]

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Episode —  № 0

What is a Preservation Maryland Anyway?

Welcome to Preservation Maryland’s PreserveCast. I’m your host, Nick Redding. I’m very excited to welcome you to our very first episode…that’s how history is made with Preservation Maryland’s very first podcast. PreserveCast will be a weekly podcast where I have a conversation with an individual that works within the broader field of historic preservation. Our goal here […]

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