Episode —  № 233

The History of Juneteenth with Dr. Dennis Doster

In 2021 – 158 years after the first Juneteenth – the celebration became a federal holiday, changing the understanding of awareness of the holiday for millions of Americans. On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re talking with Dr. Dennis Doster, who runs the Black History Program for the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation about […]

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Episode —  № 314

The Path to Preservation with Historic Annapolis’ Rachel Robinson

Today we’re talking with Rachel Robinson Vice President, Preservation at Historic Annapolis, a non-profit organization in the historic capital of Maryland. Rachel takes us through her journey to a career in preservation and the organization’s current projects.

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Episode —  № 313

Activating Historic Resources with Lauren Riviello from the C&O Canal Trust

We’re excited to (finally!) sit down with C&O Canal Trust’s President & CEO Lauren Riviello to talk about the C&O Canal, unique ways to activate historic resources, and the innovative Canal Quarters program. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park preserves and interprets the historical, natural, and recreational resources of the C&O Canal and […]

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Episode —  № 312

Balancing Contemporary Sustainability Standards with Historic Structures with Daniela Holt Voith

On this week’s PreserveCast, join us as we talk with Daniela Holt Voith, a founding principal of Voith & Mactavish Architects. Daniela will take us through her history as an architect, how she was introduced to preservation, and one of her latest projects in the Town of Oxford, Md., where she and her team had […]

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Episode —  № 311

Leading the Maryland Park Service with Angela Crenshaw

On today’s PreserveCast we’re sitting down with Angela Crenshaw, Director of the Maryland Park Service. We’ll hear about Angela’s background, the State Park system, famous Marylanders, and the important work she’s doing leading the department that safeguards Maryland’s cultural and natural resources. Note: Angela and Nick discuss career opportunities at DNR: https://dnr.maryland.gov/publiclands/pages/careers.aspx Outdoor Afro: https://outdoorafro.org/

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Episode —  № 310

Historic Charleston Foundation with Winslow Hastie

Join us this week as we talk with Winslow Hastie, President & CEO of the Historic Charleston Foundation (HCF). On this week’s episode, we chat with Winslow about the 77-year old organization – it’s past and future – and the Nathaniel Russell House, a 19th century historic house museum in Charleston, South Carolina, owned and […]

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Episode —  № 309

Historic Shoemaking with Andrew Rowand

On this week’s PreserveCast, join us as we talk with Andrew Rowand, a shoemaker who focuses on recreating shoes from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Andrew will take us through his process for making the shoes, where his inspiration comes from, and what started his decade-long journey. Andrew Rowand has worked as a shoemaker, […]

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Episode —  № 308

Building Futures: Apprenticeship Insights with Jennifer Dewees

On this week’s PreserveCast, join us as we talk with Jennifer Dewees, President at Maryland Center for Construction Education and Innovation, Inc. (MCCEI). Jennifer will discuss apprenticeships and how important they are to the construction industry, and the workforce as a whole. Jennifer is a co-founder and Construction Lead at the Maryland Apprenticeship Center where […]

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Episode —  № 307

The Tenement Museum with Annie Polland

On this week’s PreserveCast, join us as we talk with Annie Polland, President of the Tenement Museum, about their new exhibit A Union of Hope. Annie will take us through how they discovered the story of Joseph and Rachel Moore, Black New Yorkers who lived in the tenement in the 1860s – 1870s, and how […]

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Episode —  № 306

Researching a Historic Property with Christiana Limniatis and Maggie Pelta-Pauls

Today we’re joined by two of Preservation Maryland’s own (the organization that powers PreserveCast!), Christiana Limniatis and Maggie Pelta-Pauls, to discuss the process of researching a historic property – why people conduct the research, the hidden histories that can be uncovered, and how researching a historic property has real-world impact today. Check out Christiana and […]

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Episode —  № 305

Historic Trades Apprenticeships with Natalie Henshaw

On this week’s episode we’re talking with Natalie Henshaw, Director of The Campaign for Historic Trades. You may recognize Natalie’s name (and voice!) as she hosts PreserveCast’s Trades Takeover episodes, some of our most downloaded conversations here on PreserveCast. Listen in to learn about the value of historic trades, apprenticeship programs, the impact they’re having, […]

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Episode —  № 304

A Salem Witch: The Trial, Execution, and Exoneration of Rebecca Nurse with Daniel A. Gagnon

Join us as we talk with Daniel Gagnon about his book A Salem Witch: The Trial, Execution, and Exoneration of Rebecca Nurse. Dan will take us on a deep dive into the world of the Salem Witch Trials and how one story stuck out and just had to be told. We cover everything from the […]

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Episode —  № 303

Sacred Places with Bob Jaeger

Join us on this week’s PreserveCast episode as we talk with Bob Jaeger, President at the Partners for Sacred Places. Partners for Sacred Places, founded in 1989, is the only national, non-sectarian, non-profit organization focused on building the capacity of congregations of historic sacred places to better serve their communities. Bob co-founded Partners for Sacred […]

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Episode —  № 302

The Goodall Fellowship: South Bend TradeWorks with Elicia Garske

On this week’s PreserveCast we are talking with Elicia Garske, a 2022 recipient of the Harrison Goodall Fellowship. Elicia shares her project, a summer program to connect skilled preservation contractors with young adults interested in learning more about this line of work. Join us to hear how her project unfolded and what lessons she learned […]

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Episode —  № 301

Revolutionary Blacks: Discovering the Frank Brothers, Freeborn Men of Color, Soldiers of Independence with Dr. Shirley L. Green

On this week’s PreserveCast, join us as we talk with Dr. Shirley Green, about her book Revolutionary Blacks: Discovering the Frank Brothers, Freeborn Men of Color, Soldiers of Independence. Shirley’s book follows William and Benjamin Frank through their military service in the Continental Army, their experience as free Black soldiers, and the paths they travelled.

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Episode —  № 300

Preservation Trades Specialist Training Program at NRF with Alyssa Lozupone & Kris Turgeon

Join us on this week’s PreserveCast – our 300th episode! – as we talk with Alyssa Lozupone and Kris Turgeon about preservation training opportunities at Newport Restoration Foundation. Alyssa and Kris will provide us with background on this legacy preservation organization and the work they’ve done to establish a robust and successful Preservation Trades Specialist […]

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Episode —  № 258

*Special Release* The History of Santa Claus

On the last Monday before Christmas Day, the PreserveCast team brings you a special release on the history of Santa Claus. You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen . . . but what about the jolly old elf holding the reins? St. Nicholas, Old St. Nick, Sinterklaas, or simply Santa Claus. He’s gone […]

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Episode —  № 299

Time Will Not Dim with Mary Cleary & Michael Knapp

Join us on this week’s PreserveCast episode as we talk with Mary Cleary, Senior Editor at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and Michael Knapp, Chief of Historical Services at the American Battle Monuments Commission, about the newly released book, Time Will Not Dim: American Battle Monuments Commission, A Century of Service, 1923 – 2023. Mary […]

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Episode —  № 240

Step Right Up – The History of the Circus with LaVahn Hoh

Step right up – on this week’s PreserveCast, we’re revisiting a conversation about the history of the Circus with historian LaVahn Hoh. From special effects to teaching at Clown College, LaVahn will take us through his own history and the history of the circus as well as a conversation about the future of this 2,000-year-old […]

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Episode —  № 298

Trades Takeover with Héctor J. Berdecía-Hernández of the Centro de Conservación y Restauración de Puerto Rico (CENCOR)

On the heels of The Campaign for Historic Trades’ announcement that it has successfully registered its group apprenticeship program, Trades Takeover returns! The Campaign’s Director, Natalie Henshaw, speaks with Héctor J. Berdecía-Hernández, founding Director-General of the Centro de Conservación y Restauración de Puerto Rico (CENCOR). CENCOR is a unique institution that seeks to develop the […]

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