Show Notes

Today’s episode of PreserveCast is brought to you by Masonry Solutions International and Oliver Pluff & Company.

We want to thank Masonry Solutions International for sponsoring today’s episode of PreserveCast. Masonry Solutions International specializes in structural repairs for historic masonry buildings. With decades of experience, Masonry Solutions International helps stabilize and enhance important historic places, supporting the owners and project teams involved in that challenging work. To learn more about Masonry Solutions International’s work, visit . That’s M A S O N R Y S O L U T I O N S dot com.

We want to thank Oliver Pluff & Company for sponsoring today’s episode of PreserveCast. Oliver Pluff & Company tells the story of historic American beverages–including teas, spiced-drinks, cacao, and coffee–for historical sites, National Parks, gourmet markets, and consumers looking for a great beverage, hand-packaged in signature, artisan tins. To enjoy a cup of history and learn more about what Oliver Pluff & Company offers, please visit, that’s O L I V E R P L U F F dot com.