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Episode —  № 225

Exploring the World of James Herriot with Ian Ashton

Tucked away in Thirsk, England is the home of one of the 20th century’s most popular authors James Alfred ‘Alf’ Wight who wrote under the now famous pseudonym James Herriot. On today’s PreserveCast, we’re heading back across the pond to talk with Ian Ashton, the Managing Director of the World of James Herriot, about interpreting […]

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Episode —  № 224

PreserveCast Conversations Ep. 6: The Professor and the Practitioner

On this sixth edition of PreserveCast Conversations: The Professor and the Practitioner, an ongoing feature of PreserveCast, co-hosts Nicholas Redding and Dr. Whitney Martinko explore the trends, topics and issues that are making headlines in the world of preservation this month. They’re covering a lot of ground in today’s conversation on preservation and the issues that matter. For regular […]

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Episode —  № 223

Cutting Into Historic Art with Silhouette Artist Lauren Muney

There is something profoundly satisfying about seeing art produced in front of you – and something mesmerizing about seeing a silhouette cut in mere seconds that captures the look and feel of an individual. Today’s guest is preserving a historic artform passed down through the generations and is helping to tell important and diverse stories with her hands, paper and delicate scissors. On this week’s PreserveCast we’re talking about the history and future of hand cut silhouettes with master artist Lauren Muney.

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Episode —  № 222

The Best Jobs in History: A Conversation with Beth Maser and Addison Williams

History is a big field made up of a variety of disciplines. Finding the right people to do the job can be tough – but one of the nation’s foremost history firms is working to address that challenge with the launch of bestjobsinhistory.com. We’re talking for-profit history and recruiting the best and brightest with Beth Maser and Addison Williams of History Associates Incorporated.

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Episode —  № 221

Interpreting and Preserving History By Doing It: The World of ALHFAM with Kathy Dickson

Nothing can replace the experience of seeing history come alive – whether it be on a farm or a carpenters shop or some other authentic historic setting. The people doing this work, known as living historians, put great effort into this work and are supported by a national organization – Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums – who are working hard to keep history alive and make the field more representative of the stories they tell. All topics perfect to learn from on this week’s PreserveCast.

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Episode —  № 220

Sustainability, Equity, and Preservation: A Conversation with Dr. Erica Avrami

Dr. Erica Avrami’s research and publication on preservation policy is helping the movement reframe the way we think about our work – and helping to suggest ways of improving our efforts as we confront the legacy of preservation and the need for a more equitable, sustainable and just world – topics of conversation that I felt would be of great interest to all of our PreserveCast listeners.

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Episode —  № 219

The Cultural Destruction Wrought by Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine; a Conversation with Former Fulbright Scholar, Rachel Rettaliata

Historic preservationists know that our work isn’t just about physically preserving historic buildings, structures, and sites. It’s also about preserving and celebrating the intangible heritage and culture of people and their communities. I would be remiss, and sou would this podcast, if we didn’t lead by acknowledging the heart-breaking conflict in Ukraine and the value and importance of those intangible pieces of the Ukrainian identity, too. On this special edition of PreserveCast, we’re sitting down with Rachel Rettaliata to discuss what’s at risk as this illegal and unjust invasion drags on.

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Episode —  № 218

Trades Takeover with The Campaign for Historic Trades and former TTAP member Abbey Vander Sluis

Join us today for another Trades Takeover! Director of The Campaign for Historic Trades (powered by Preservation Maryland) Natalie Henshaw is joined by Abbey Vander Sluis, former member of NPS’ Traditional Trades Advancement Program. 

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Episode —  № 217

A Year on the Field: Preserving Agricultural History by Doing with Claus Kropp

After a year of supply chain shortages and pressures on agriculture, many have come to question the future of our globalized food network. It’s why conversations like this one – where we dive deep into the history and future of agriculture are so critical. Preservation isn’t just about buildings – it can also help us understand the food we eat and the future of that which sustains us – the topic of this week’s PreserveCast as we dive into the world of heritage wheat with Claus Kropp. Learn more at: https://www.yearonthefield.net/

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Episode —  № 216

The Future of Post-Industrial Cities with Mac McComas

How cities will survive and thrive post-COVID is a question on a lot of people’s minds. Today’s guest has been thinking about the future of cities since before the pandemic and has continued that work as the world grapples with this latest shock to the system. Mac McComas is the senior program manager of the Johns Hopkins University 21st century cities initiative – an effort aimed at providing cities with up-to-date economic information and analysis to help build a more sustainable future.

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Episode —  № 215

Collecting & Preserving the Story of COVID with Dr. Alexandra Lord

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. It is a defining moment for this generation – and for American history – which means that the Smithsonian has made it a priority for collecting and interpreting for future generations. How we will remember this moment is something as a historian I’ve often thought about – and a reason I wanted to sit down with an expert at the Smithsonian who is focused on that very question. On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re sitting down with Dr. Alexandra Lord, the Chair of the Chair Division of Medicine and Science at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History to discuss how that institution is working to capture this moment in history. Dr. Alexandra Lord is an accomplished historian of medicine and health and is a leader in the effort to document COVID – a perfect guest as we approach the two-year anniversary of the onset of the pandemic. 

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Episode —  № 214

Talking Pretzel History with Tim Snyder of Julius Sturgis Pretzels

Pretzels. Few words are as synonymous with snacking – and they are ubiquitous on tables across the nation, no matter the region. Today’s guest, Tim Snyder, leads one of America’s oldest pretzel brands – where the history of the twisted treat is almost equally as important as the taste. Connecting food and history is a theme this year on PreserveCast, and this is a great place to start with an icon in the food industry. 

As a part of our historic foods series – where we’re diving into preserving some of the most iconic foods and brands, we sat down with Tim Snyder, President of the Julius Sturgis Pretzel company, America’s oldest pretzel bakery, based in historic Lititz, Pennsylvania to talk about preserving the history and charting the future of one of America’s favorite snacks. 

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Episode —  № 213

A Big Slice of History: Pizza, Preservation and Culture

As a part of our historic foods series – where we’re diving into preserving some of the most iconic foods and brands, we sat down with pizza historian Alexander Hughes to discuss his work chronicling the history of pizza in the United States and Canada and what is being done to preserve this slice of our history. Pizza, history and preservation are three of my favorite things – and it’s rare that they come together under one PreserveCast episode – but that’s what we’ve got in store this week; a topic and conversation made even sweeter by the fact that it is set in my hometown of Buffalo, New York where pizza historian Alexander Hughes conducted much of his research.

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Episode —  № 212

Trades Takeover with Natalie Henshaw of the Campaign for Historic Trades and Mae Bowley of Re:Purpose Savannah

On this episode of PreserveCast, Natalie Henshaw of the Campaign for Historic Trades is talking to Mae Bowley of Re:Purpose Savannah in our first ever trades takeover!

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Episode —  № 211

[RE-RELEASE] Maryland’s African American History Commission: Leading Preservation Efforts For 50 Years

Established in 1969, the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture is the nation’s first-ever ethnic commission and has a 50-year track record of exploring, researching, commemorating and preserving important places associated with the African American history of the Old Line State. On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re talking with Chanel Compton, the Executive Director of the Commission, about their work and the exciting future of African American preservation in Maryland and beyond.

The Commission is the oldest ethnic commission in the nation and doesn’t just talk about preserving history – it directly invests millions of dollars in brick-and-mortar projects across the state. It’s a Maryland story with national implications and one we had to bring to PreserveCast.

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Episode —  № 209

[RE-RELEASE] Rich History Of Food With Brent Rosen Of The Southern Food And Beverage Museum

Food is powerful. It has the ability to transcend artificial divisions and to unite – and it can speak to our history and heritage if we’re willing to listen, or think with our tastebuds. For this episode’s guest, using food to tell a story is all a part of his daily work. Brent Rosen is […]

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Episode —  № 208

[RE-RELEASE] The “Animagic” of the Holidays with Rankin/Bass Production’s Official Historian, Rick Goldschmidt

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, but do you recall Rankin/Bass – the company behind some of America’s most beloved stop-action holiday films? Our guest, Rick Goldschmidt, does. He’s a historian of Rankin/Bass Productions – the creative team that created Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Year without a Christmas, and dozens upon dozens more. […]

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Episode —  № 206

PreserveCast Conversations Ep 5: The Professor And The Practitioner

On this fifth edition of PreserveCast Conversations: The Professor and the Practitioner, a new monthly feature of PreserveCast, co-hosts Nicholas Redding and Dr. Whitney Martinko explore the trends, topics and issues that are making headlines in the world of preservation this month. They’re covering a lot of ground in today’s conversation on preservation and the issues that matter. For […]

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Episode —  № 205

The Age of Wood with Roland Ennos

Today we’re speaking with Roland Ennos, author of The Age of Wood: Our Most Useful Material and the Construction of Civilization. More About the Book: As the dominant species on Earth, humans have made astonishing progress since our ancestors came down from the trees. But how did the descendants of small primates manage to walk […]

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Episode —  № 204

A 1970s British Kitsch Christmas at Kiplin Hall with James Etherington

Christmas at a historic home normally conjures up images of a roaring Victorian fireplace or perhaps even an early 20th century Christmas with tin toys and pleasant smells coming from the kitchen. But, what about the kitschy charm of the 1970s? On this week’s PreserveCast we’re revisiting with James Etherington, the Director of Kiplin Hall – a historic site in England which interprets the ancestral home of the Calverts, one of Maryland’s earliest and most prominent colonial families – to hear about their very 1970s Christmas and what we can learn from the way we celebrated exactly 50 years ago. 

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