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Episode —  № 136

The Role Models We Need: Architect Barbie & Despina Stratigakos

Join us with guest Despina Stratigakos, who participated in a fascinating effort to get the Mattel Corporation to give Barbie a career in architecture. We like to keep things of topical interest here on PreserveCast and with the new Barbie movie out this week, it seemed fitting to revisit this conversation about representation and the […]

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Episode —  № 282

Preserving Black History and Culture with Dr. Jocelyn Imani (Trust for Public Land)

Join us on this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with Dr. Jocelyn Imani, the National Director for the Black History and Culture program at Trust for Public Land. Dr. Imani will discuss the importance of creating shared spaces that are more relevant and accessible to all populations. BIO: Dr. Jocelyn Imani is a storyteller, educator, […]

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Episode —  № 281

KIN: ROOTED IN HOPE with Carole Boston Weatherford & Jeffery Boston Weatherford

On this week’s PreserveCast, join us as we talk with Carole Boston Weatherford and her son, Jeffrey Boston Weatherford, about their book Kin: Rooted in Hope. Carole and Jeffrey will share their journey creating this book, set in Talbot County, Maryland, which reimagines Wye House plantation and the nearby all-Black, Reconstruction-era hamlets of Copperville and […]

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Episode —  № 280

A Glimpse into a Historic Preservation Career with Naomi Doddington

Join us on this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with Noami Doddington from Consigli Construction. Naomi takes us through her choice to change careers from a high school teacher to historic preservationist. We’ll also discuss one of her projects, the Glass House at Menokin, where part of the structure will be preserved in glass. BIO: […]

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Episode —  № 233

The History of Juneteenth with Dr. Dennis Doster

In 2021 – 158 years after the first Juneteenth – the celebration became a federal holiday, changing the understanding of awareness of the holiday for millions of Americans. On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re talking with Dr. Dennis Doster, who runs the Black History Program for the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation about […]

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Episode —  № 279

19th-Century Prairie Life with Michelle Evans

Join us on this week’s PreserveCast as we head back to frontier Indiana where we’ll talk with Michelle Evans, the Domestic Trades Manager at Conner Prairie, one of the largest open air history museums in the nation. Michelle will take us through the background of Conner Prairie and her experience over the past four decades […]

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Episode —  № 278

Unveiling the Past with Dr. Roeland Paardekooper

On this week’s PreserveCast, join us as we talk with Dr. Roeland Paardekooper about EXARC, a global network of professionals active in archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology, ancient technology and interpretation. Dr. Paardekooper will talk us through this unique field of study and how you can learn traditional skills by engaging with EXARC.  ABOUT […]

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Episode —  № 277

*Emergency Episode* Proposed French Quarter Ordinance with Danielle Del Sol

In this special edition of PreserveCast, we are sitting down with a friend of our organization, Danielle Del Sol, the Executive Director at Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans. She will be talking with us about the proposed changes to the French Quarter governance and the impact it could have to one of the oldest […]

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Episode —  № 276

Trades Takeover! With Natalie Henshaw and Melanie Weston

Trades Takeover is back! In this episode, Director of Historic Trades Natalie Henshaw speaks with Melanie Weston, one of our panelists for the inaugural American Historic Trades Summit. Held from June 12 – 14, in Providence, Rhode Island, the Summit will develop a network for historic trades training programs, creating a central source of knowledge […]

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Episode —  № 275

The Williamsburg Bray School with Dr. Maureen Elgersman Lee

Join us on this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with Dr. Maureen Elgersman Lee about her work at the Bray School Lab at William & Mary. Dr. Lee shares some background on the Williamsburg Bray school that was hidden in plain sight for over 200 years on the William & Mary campus in Virginia, and […]

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Episode —  №

Law, Policy & the Preservation of Place with Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Chair Sara Bronin

Happy National Preservation Month from PreserveCast. Today’s episode features Sara Bronin, chair of the U.S. Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. Sara has spent her career exploring, researching, and publishing on the intersection of law, policy, and preservation. Today, as the preservation community grapples with the challenges of equity, climate and inclusionary zoning – Sara’s research […]

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Episode —  № 274

A Gettysburg Casino? The Story of Advocating for a Place and the Lessons Learned

On this special edition of PreserveCast we’re flipping the script! Normally, our host Nicholas Redding asks the questions and our guests tell us the story. On today’s episode Nick will be our storyteller, chronicling one of his first preservation advocacy battles and the hard-won lessons learned that can listeners can heed and use to speak […]

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Episode —  № 201

Building Resilient Communities and Saving History with Senator Sarah Elfreth

Saving communities and historic places from an increasingly unstable climate takes real action – and thoughtful, well-crafted policy. Maryland State Senator Sarah Elfreth is a national leader on this issue and has helped to craft a new funding source to help communities battle climate change and save historic places. 

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Episode —  № 273

The Association for Preservation Technology with Greg Galer & Taryn Williams

On this week’s PreserveCast we’re diving deep into the technology of preservation with Greg Galer and Taryn Williams about their roles at The Association for Preservation Technology International (APT). We’re talking about how preservationists keep up with changing technology and how those trends, tools and the science of buildings is helping keep our historic structures […]

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Episode —  № 272

Transit-Oriented Development with David Adler

What is smart growth and why should preservationists care about it? On this week’s PreserveCast we’re talking with David Adler, an asset manager from David S. Brown Enterprises about transit-oriented development, incentives for smart growth and how historic preservationists can incentivize better growth in their own communities. All that and more, as we push the […]

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Episode —  № 271

Head out to an 18th century Farm with Master Farmer Ed Schultz of Colonial Williamsburg

On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re heading back 250 years to the mid-18th century to talk to Ed Schultz, master farmer of Colonial Williamsburg. We’re covering a lot of ground in this episode – rich fertile ground – and will take a closer look at what it takes to learn this style of farming and what […]

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Episode —  № 270

Black Antietam: African Americans and the Civil War in Sharpsburg with Dr. Emilie Amt

The experiences of hundreds of free and enslaved people of color who witnessed and took part in the Battle of Antietam, one of America’s bloodiest battles, have never been shared in depth until now. Join us on this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with author Dr. Emilie Amt about her book Black Antietam: African Americans […]

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Episode —  № 269

Using History and Heritage to Engage Minorities in Aquaculture

On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re heading to the brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay to talk with Imani Black, founder of Minorities in Aquaculture, a dynamic new organization that is using heritage and history and a host of other innovative tools to develop opportunities for minorities to engage in this growing and sustainable industry. 

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Episode —  № 268

Olmsted’s Elmwood with Clinton E. Brown, FAIA

Once one of the top 10 cities in the United States, Buffalo’s historic Elmwood district could once again be a model for America’s cities. On this week’s PreserveCast, join us as we talk with Clinton Brown, a heritage and project architect, about his book Olmsted’s Elmwood: The Rise, Decline and Renewal of Buffalo’s Parkway Neighborhood, […]

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Episode —  № 267

Wallpaper Through the Ages with Katherine Porter

Join us on this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with Katherine Porter, a design director at Waterhouse Wallhangings. Waterhouse’s collections contain new and old wallpaper designs, including some authentic reproductions, first used in the early days of the US. Join us as we explore how wallpaper has changed since it was first brought to the […]

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