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Episode —  № 146

“Eubie Blake: Rags, Rhythm and Race” with Richard Carlin and Ken Bloom

Today on PreserveCast, we’re talking with Richard Carlin and Ken Bloom, the co-authors of Eubie Blake: Rags, Rhythm and Race, a new biography of one of the key composers of 20th century American popular song and jazz. A gifted musician, Blake rose from performing in dance halls and bordellos of his native Baltimore to the heights of […]

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Episode —  № 145

The Best of the West with Katherine Wonson of the Western Center for Historic Preservation

Wyoming is a mysterious and magical place. The very word conjures up visions of roughhewn buildings, horses, and wide open spaces. Preservation seems a natural fit in that majestic setting – and today’s guest is plying the craft and trade of preservation in Jackson Hole as the Director of the National Park Service’s Western Center […]

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Episode —  № 144

Illuminating Southern Appalachian History at Foxfire Museum with Kami Ahrens

Foxfire is the bioluminescence created by some species of fungi present in decaying wood. It is a wonderfully evocative word selected by a teacher and student over 50 years ago to be the title for their new project to document life in the southern Appalachians. What started initially as a student project has live on […]

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Episode —  № 143

[RERELEASE] Antietam Anniversary: What We Think We Know With Historian Dennis Frye

Do you ever wonder how authors and historians can keep writing new books about the same ‘ole history? Shouldn’t it never change because it’s all in the past? The truth is anything but. No one can explain that better than our guest, Dennis Frye – having been involved in everything from giving tours to leading nationally important […]

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Episode —  № 142

Our Historical Obsession with the Unexplained with Author of Ghostland, Colin Dickey

In a world where rational, scientific explanations are more available than ever, belief in the unprovable and irrational – in fringe – is on the rise: from Atlantis to aliens, from Flat Earth to the Loch Ness monster, the list goes on. Enter Colin Dickey, Cultural Historian and Tour Guide of the Weird. With the […]

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Episode —  № 141

[RERELEASE] 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment: Considering Racism & Diversity in Discussing the Women’s Suffrage Movement With Kacy Rohn

It has been historically all too easy for the places associated with underrepresented communities to fall through the cracks of the historic record. To a degree, that has been the case with the overly-simplified history presented of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. But with the recent spotlight on the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, new research […]

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Episode —  № 140

Gettysburg: A Touchstone of American History with Christopher Gwinn

Gettysburg is a special place and has been since the ground was made hallowed by soldiers nearly 160 years ago. Today, as America grapples with its history – especially its Civil War history – places like Gettysburg are critical to the understanding of who we are and where we are headed. Today’s guest is responsible […]

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Episode —  № 139

Going Net Zero at Historic Sites with Siân Phillips of the National Trust of England, Wales & Northern Ireland

When most people think of a historic site or landscape, they don’t think about the future. Today’s guest is not most people. Siân Phillips is a renewable energy specialist with the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland – a legendary preservation organization which is charting a new course for historic places – they’re […]

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Episode —  № 138

Elevating Authentic Stories from the Underground Railroad with Dr. Kate Clifford Larson

Few names have become as synonymous with grit, determination, and liberty as Harriet Tubman. A Moses for her people, Tubman has become an almost mythical character who represents the best of the American spirit in the face of incredible suffering and inhumanity. Yet, for many years, she lacked a rigorous and scholarly biography. Today’s guest, […]

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Episode —  № 137

Future of Open-Air Museums & Historic Trades at the Genesee Country Village

Nestled among the verdant fields and winding streams of the Genesee River Valley in upstate New York is one of America’s largest living history museums. Founded in 1966, the Genesee Country Village & Museum features 68 historic structures from the 19th century, moved from locations throughout Western New York, a gallery of sporting art, and […]

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Episode —  № 136

The Role Models We Need: Architect Barbie & Despina Stratigakos

We all need role models – and we need to see ourselves represented – whether in film, print . . . or in Mattel’s iconic Barbie. Today’s guest, Despina Stratigakos, Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence at the University at Buffalo, is a writer, historian, and professor. She is the author of three books that explore […]

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Episode —  № 135

Preserving Public Housing with Dr. Lisa Lee of the National Public Housing Museum

The story of where we live is uniquely personal. Many historic homes have been preserved and opened to the public – places that tell a story about the way we once lived. However, American public housing – places built and maintained by governments – has been long been overlooked, forgotten, and worse yet, maligned. Today’s […]

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Episode —  № 134

Doing Social Good through Preservation Activism with Catherine Fleming Bruce

As America confronts, commemorates, and questions its history – preservationists like Catherine Fleming Bruce are helping to frame those conversations and providing powerful examples of how historic places can help us in these challenging times. Bruce is the author of an award-winning book on sustaining the sacred spaces of civil rights, human rights, and social movements and […]

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Episode —  № 133

Creating Places for Nature in Urban Communities with Alden Stoner of Nature Sacred

In challenging times, nature brings us peace. From time immemorial, humans have taken to nature to soothe their anxious and tired souls. In today’s busy and built world, opportunities to experience and commune with nature are limited – but today’s guest is doing something about that. Alden Stoner is the CEO of Nature Sacred, an […]

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Episode —  № 132

Harrowing History of the Reverse Underground Railroad with Dr. Richard Bell

Americans have long admired the resistance, tenacity and spirit of those brave souls who were travelers and conductors on the Underground Railroad. On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re heading back to those days to dredge up another chapter – and one far less proud – that of the reverse Underground Railroad which brought captured formerly free […]

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Episode —  № 131

Clara Barton to Coronavirus: American Public Health History with Dr. Marian Moser Jones

As the nation confronts a crippling pandemic – we find ourselves drawn to history for parallels. History provides context for the confusion. Today’s guest has dedicated her career to exploring those connections. Dr. Marian Moser Jones is a social historian and ethicist of public health who studies the way in which Americans care for other […]

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Episode —  № 130

Marylanders Fight to Save the Union: The Old Line State in the Civil War with Dr. Timothy Orr

For Civil War readers and historians, Maryland has always been confounding. Its location along the Mason-Dixon Line meant it was the seat of war for many pitched battles – and divided the loyalties of its citizens. But, for all the impact, bloodshed and division – its contribution to the Union Army is often overlooked. Confederate […]

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Episode —  № 129

Piracy and Pirates on the Chesapeake Bay with Dr. Jamie Goodall

When you think of pirates – you may think of far-off warm islands and tropical beaches or perhaps your mind goes to modern-day piracy off the dangerous horn of Africa – but you probably don’t think of the brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay off the cost of Maryland and Virginia. But, today’s guest, Dr. […]

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Episode —  № 128

The BBC’s Ruth Goodman is a Master Storyteller of British History

Few guests to PreserveCast have commanded as large an audience as today’s guest, Ruth Goodman. Ruth is an award-winning social and domestic historian of British history who has been involved in several highly-rated BBC television series and has used her knowledge and charm on the screen to make history approachable and interesting. Goodman is the […]

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Episode —  № 127

Elizabeth Finkelstein, Preservationist & Instagrammer, Makes Historic Real Estate Circa Awesome

Born in an 1850s Greek Revival home that was lovingly restored by her parents (and having attended more country auctions than she can count), Elizabeth Finkelstein’s love for crown molding and decorative ironwork runs in her gene pool. After high school, she left the quiet of the countryside for the bright lights of the big […]

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