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Episode —  № 253

Stop the Road: A Conversation with E. Evans Paull

Hold onto your steering wheel as we’re about to hit the road on this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with Evans Paull about Baltimore’s Stop the Road movement, the historic waterfront communities saved, and the Highway to Nowhere. Detailed in his recently released book, Stop the Road: Stories from The Trenches of Baltimore’s Road Wars, […]

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Episode —  № 252

The Great Maryland Recipe Hunt with Joyce White

It’s time for The Great Maryland Recipe Hunt! Join us on this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with Joyce White from A Taste of History to discuss the upcoming anniversary of one of Maryland’s most iconic cookbooks, Maryland’s Way, The Hammond-Harwood House Cook Book. This cookbook included recipes found in historic handwritten journals as well […]

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Episode —  № 251

*Halloween Special* Michael Zittle: The Wizard of South Mountain

On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re taking a departure from our normal programming to bring you a tale of old about the story of Michael Zittle – the Wizard of South Mountain. Much of what we know of Michael Zittle and the lore of South Mountain comes from Madeline Vinton Dahlgren, a 19th-century author, tavern keeper, anti-suffragist, […]

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Episode —  № 250

Spooky Season with Colin Dickey

In a world where rational, scientific explanations are more available than ever, belief in the unprovable and irrational–in fringe–is on the rise: from Atlantis to aliens, from Flat Earth to the Loch Ness monster, the list goes on. Enter Colin Dickey, Cultural Historian and Tour Guide of the Weird. With the same curiosity and insight […]

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Episode —  № 249

Historic New England Summit with Carissa Demore

On this week’s PreserveCast, we are talking with Carissa Demore from Historic New England about the Historic New England Summit (2022) happing this Thursday, October 13th through Friday, October 14th. This 2-day event will be full of conversations exploring how 21st-century challenges and opportunities are transforming the fields of historic preservation, architecture, urban planning, conservation, […]

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Episode —  № 248

Bus Stop Paintings: A Conversation with Diego Bleifuss Prados

Hop off the bus with us on this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with Diego Bleifuss Prados, artist from @busstoppaintings, who paints a reflection of original communities within Chicago’s historic neighborhoods from their bus stops. Bleifuss Prados will share how he started painting bus stops and his rush to preserve images of these historic areas […]

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Episode —  № 247

Battle of Sharpsburg: A Glimpse into the Lives of its Civilians with Steve Cowie

On this week’s PreserveCast, take a look back at one of the bloodiest days in American history and the battle’s horrendous toll on the area’s civilians. We are talking with Steve Cowie, author of When Hell Came to Sharpsburg: The Battle of Antietam and Its Impact on the Civilians Who Called It Home about the […]

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Episode —  № 246

Becoming a Nationally Protected Resource with Seth Clark

Today we’re joined by Seth Clark, Executive Director of The Ocmulgee National Park and Preserve Initiative (ONPPI). ONPPI is a community based group of Middle Georgia and Muscogee (Creek) citizens working together to expand the current site of the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park into Georgia’s first National Park and Preserve. With growing national attention […]

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Episode —  № 245

What We Think We Know About History With Dennis Frye

As we approach the 160th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam (September 17th, 1862), we are revisiting and episode about how authors and historians can keep writing new books on the same ‘ole history. Should it not ever change because it’s all in the past? The truth is anything but. No one can explain that […]

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Episode —  № 244

Roller Derby History: A Conversation with Margot Atwell

Lace up your skates and join us in the rink for this this week’s PreserveCast as we talk with Margot Atwell, author of Derby Life: A Crash Course in the Incredible Sport of Roller Derby about the history of the sport and her experience competing. Atwell will share how she got started in Roller Derby […]

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Episode —  № 243

A Peek into the History of the CCC with Erik Ledbetter

Join us as we explore the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and a living historian’s experience passing on his knowledge to parkgoers. On this week’s PreserveCast, we are talking with Erik Ledbetter from Maryland Park Service about his time at Seneca Creek State Park working as a Park Ranger, Assistant Manager of the […]

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Episode —  № 242

Building Small: Socially Responsible and Resilient Placemaking with Jim Heid

On this week’s PreserveCast, we are talking with Jim Heid, author of Building Small: A Toolkit for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Civic Leaders and Great Communities. We will be looking at how Building Small is a tool for developers to integrate socially responsible, economically resilient, and authentic placemaking. And how this style of development and thinking […]

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Episode —  № 241

Selling History to a Wide Audience: A Conversation with David Bussiere Jr. of TR Historical

There’s many ways to experience and enjoy history – and this week’s episode is taking a deep dive with Dave Bussiere Jr. the owner and founder of TR Historical about his experience running a history-based retail shop. From an online shop to vendor stalls David will walk us through his experience and provide some insight […]

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Episode —  № 240

Step Right Up – The History of the Circus with LaVahn Hoh

Step right up – because on this week’s PreserveCast, we’re talking about the history of the Circus with historian LaVahn Hoh. From special effects to teaching at Clown College, LaVahn will take us through his own history and the history of the circus as well as a conversation about the future of this 2,000-year-old institution. […]

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Episode —  № 239

A Delicious History of Food with Dr. Ashley Rose Young

We hope you brought your appetite, because on this week’s PreserveCast, we are talking with Dr. Ashley Rose Young from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History about American food, history, and culture. Dr. Young will share how she got started researching the intersection of race, ethnicity, and gender in American food culture and economy […]

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Episode —  № 238

PreserveCast Conversations: The Professor and the Practitioner Ep. 7

[Ep. 238] On this seventh edition of PreserveCast Conversations: The Professor and the Practitioner, an ongoing feature of PreserveCast, co-hosts Nicholas Redding and Dr. Whitney Martinko interview Dr. Ryan K. Smith about his new book on Richmond cemeteries and his related digital projects. They’re covering a lot of ground in today’s conversation on preservation and […]

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Episode —  № 237

Creating a Fairytale: A Conversation with Ron Adler from Adler Display

Once upon a time, in 1955 to be exact, the Enchanted Forest, a nursey rhyme-themed amusement park, opened in Ellicott City, Maryland. On this week’s PreserveCast, we are looking at how Howard Adler and his team at Adler Display helped to bring the vision of Enchanted Forest to life. We will be talking with Ron […]

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Episode —  № 236

A Jubilee Celebration: A Conversation with Imogen Hayden of Kiplin Hall

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the United Kingdom for 70 years – an unparalleled record – and one that is being celebrated across the kingdom. On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re looking at how our friends at Kiplin Hall are celebrating this monumental moment with Imogen Hayden, an intern who took a new look at […]

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Episode —  № 235

Repairing, Restoring, And Preserving With Master Craftsperson Amy McAuley

Talented tradespeople make preservation physically possible. Today’s guest is Amy McAuley, the preservation joiner at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, where she uses her hands and hand powered tools to repair, restore and preserve one of America’s most historic homes. About Our Guest Amy McAuley is currently the Preservation Joiner at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. From […]

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Episode —  № 234

Restoring Historic Places One Brick at a Time: Conversation with Colin & Dan Richards

Today’s episode of PreserveCast returns to the United Kingdom to open a conversation with Colin and Dan Richards of CJR Heritage, a company that has spanned continents and worked with princes to save priceless heritage. From Transylvania to the Great Wall of China, we’re talking with two of England’s most accomplished tradespeople about the future […]

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