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Episode —  № 79

Hands-On Preservation with Matt Hankins of Worcester Eisenbrandt

Historic preservation without tradespeople is just theory. That’s why today’s guest, Matt Hankins, is so important. Matt is a talented and experienced preservation carpenter and shop supervisor at Worcester Eisenbrandt, the leading historic property renovation and restoration firm in the Mid-Atlantic region. He has spent years learning how to restore historic places using traditional methods. In this […]

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Episode —  № 78

America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Just last week, the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced its annual list of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in America. Two of these eleven sites are located in Maryland! Since Preservation Maryland is the host of PreserveCast, this news hit close to home, quite literally. The historic waterfront of Annapolis and George Washington’s […]

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Episode —  № 77

Keeping NOLA Hip and Historic with Danielle Del Sol

America’s most iconic and historic neighborhoods may inadvertently become “loved to death.” Although heritage tourism brings many economic benefits to most established U.S. cities, it also comes with its fair share of challenges for its local populations. The negative effects of the rise in short-term rental properties have been felt in New Orleans’ French Quarter. […]

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Episode —  № 76

Preservation Buffalo Style with Jessie Fisher

Buffalo. The very word conjures up visions of snow drifts and shuttered factories, but the reality is much different. Today, Buffalo is a city on the rise and the rich history of this city by the lake is playing a starring role in its renaissance. Today’s guest, Jessie Fisher, is leading the city-wide preservation group […]

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Episode —  № 75

Kristen Harbeson and the Environmental Side of Preservation

Not all preservationists are environmentalists and not all environmentalists are preservationists – but today’s guest is, in fact, both. Kristen Harbeson is the Political Director of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters – the political voice of the environment. She’s a tireless advocate for healthy communities and has made a career in standing up for issues that matter […]

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Episode —  № 74

Dennis Frye and the History We Think We Know

Do you ever wonder how people can write new books about history? Shouldn’t it never change because it’s all in the past? The truth is anything but. No one can explain that better than today’s guest, Dennis Frye. Having been involved in everything from giving tours to leading nationally important preservation and battlefield protection organizations, […]

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Episode —  № 73

Brittany LaVelle Tulla and Historic Charleston

What do you think it takes for a historic location to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site? This week’s guest, Brittany LaVelle Tulla, thinks that her home and her passion, Charleston, South Carolina, has what it takes. Join Nick as he and Brittany talk all things historic preservation in one of the most […]

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Episode —  № 72

Keeping Original Windows with Sam Pardue of Indow

When you live in an historic home, it may seem like there is always a new challenge rising up out of the woodwork especially when it comes to wood windows. Some folks say the only way to improve the efficiency of your windows is to replace them. Today’s guest, Sam Pardue of Indow Windows, was […]

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Episode —  № 71

Baltimore and the Royal Family with Philip Baty

The British Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is just around the corner. It’s a historic moment, and the buzz around it has even crossed the pond and reached PreserveCast. The excitement has also provided us the perfect reason to talk to a true Baltimore Original, Philip Baty. Philip has spent years curating […]

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Episode —  № 70

Rod Cofield and Museum Education on the Ground

Talking about museums is one thing, but what about the folks on the ground who really make the history happen? Rod Cofield is our guest this week, and while currently the Director of Historic London Town and Gardens, he has been on the frontlines of history education his whole career. Rod and Nick spoke about […]

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Episode —  № 69

Sarah Marsom and the Rust Belt Coalition of Young Preservationists

Preservationists come in all shapes and sizes, but have you ever heard of a preservationist cut-out doll? Today’s guest, Sarah Marsom, is a jack-of-all-trades in terms of historic preservation. She’s a consultant, a co-founder of the Rust Belt Coalition of Young Preservationists, and to top it all off she created the Tiny Activist Project, which […]

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Episode —  № 68

Big Picture Preservation with Tyler Tate of Lewis Contractors

For some of the big catalytic preservation and reuse projects out there, it can take a village of craftspeople and specialists to properly restore and preserve them. One of the biggest and best contractors who can manage big picture preservation projects is with us today! Tyler Tate is the President of Lewis Contractors, a construction company that specializes […]

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Episode —  № 67

Adventures in Preservation with Judith Broeker

As the winter comes to a close, you may find yourself dreaming of some relaxation time. Sure there’s the beach or camping, but have you ever considered a trip where you can help repair 500 year old stone towers in Eastern Europe? If your answer to that question is yes!, this is the podcast for […]

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Episode —  № 66

Abandoned America: Photography by Matthew Christopher

As historic preservationists we often can feel a sense of despair whenever we see a building that’s been abandoned for years or even decades. Our guest today, Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America, knows just that feeling. That’s why he is dedicated to gaining access to abandoned buildings and spaces across the country, and photographing what […]

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Episode —  № 65

The London Mudlark with Lara Maiklem

It can happen to anybody; you’re walking along and notice a quarter on the ground, and when you pick it up you realize it’s historic, from the 195os or even earlier! It can make you wonder what history lies just beneath the surface. Well today’s guest, Lara Maiklem, does more than just wonder. Lara, also […]

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Episode —  № 64

Preserving LGBTQ Historic Sites with Susan Ferentinos

Simply tracing the history of the LGBTQ community, as it is with other marginalized groups, can be challenging for a myriad of reasons. Let alone the challenges of identifying and interpreting historic places that were and are important to the LGBTQ community. Fortunately, Susan Ferentinos is leading the way, and has quite literally written the […]

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Episode —  № 63

The Domino Sugars Sign: Live from Triangle Signs!

If you’ve ever seen an image of the skyline of Baltimore City, one thing that might have stuck with you is the massive, glowing Domino Sugars sign. Earlier this month we at PreserveCast got to visit the sugar refinery underneath that sign, which to this day processes some 7 million pounds of sugar a day. […]

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Episode —  № 62

The Enchanted Forest at Clark’s Elioak Farm

If you’ve ever wanted to dive deeper into classic fairy tales, you may have enjoyed Maryland’s once famous attraction the Enchanted Forest. But what happens to all of the buildings and unique concrete structures of a 1950s amusement park when it closes? In this case, they found a second life as part of Clark’s Elioak […]

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Episode —  № 61

Berea, Kentucky: Gateway to the Mountains and the Arts

In Berea, Kentucky, the local government has taken stock of and decided to invest in the town’s historic artistry and crafting. Mayor Steven Connelly joined Nick to share some of the unique history of his town, such as how they pushed back against segregationist policies of the Jim Crow South, and he shared news of […]

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Episode —  № 60

Rosenwald School with Director Aviva Kempner

You’ve probably heard of Andrew Carnegie or the Rockefeller family, but have you heard of Julius Rosenwald? Today’s guest may be able to help with that. Aviva Kempner is a Peabody award winning documentary filmmaker, whose work focuses on unsung heroes from Jewish history. I spoke with Aviva about her most recent work which details […]

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