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Episode —  № 237

Creating a Fairytale: A Conversation with Ron Adler from Adler Display

Once upon a time, in 1955 to be exact, the Enchanted Forest, a nursey rhyme-themed amusement park, opened in Ellicott City, Maryland. On this week’s PreserveCast, we are looking at how Howard Adler and his team at Adler Display helped to bring the vision of Enchanted Forest to life. We will be talking with Ron […]

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Episode —  № 236

A Jubilee Celebration: A Conversation with Imogen Hayden of Kiplin Hall

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the United Kingdom for 70 years – an unparalleled record – and one that is being celebrated across the kingdom. On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re looking at how our friends at Kiplin Hall are celebrating this monumental moment with Imogen Hayden, an intern who took a new look at […]

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Episode —  № 235

Repairing, Restoring, And Preserving With Master Craftsperson Amy McAuley

Talented tradespeople make preservation physically possible. Today’s guest is Amy McAuley, the preservation joiner at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, where she uses her hands and hand powered tools to repair, restore and preserve one of America’s most historic homes. About Our Guest Amy McAuley is currently the Preservation Joiner at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. From […]

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Episode —  № 234

Restoring Historic Places One Brick at a Time: Conversation with Colin & Dan Richards

Today’s episode of PreserveCast returns to the United Kingdom to open a conversation with Colin and Dan Richards of CJR Heritage, a company that has spanned continents and worked with princes to save priceless heritage. From Transylvania to the Great Wall of China, we’re talking with two of England’s most accomplished tradespeople about the future […]

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Episode —  № 233

The History of Juneteenth with Dr. Dennis Doster

In 2021 – 158 years after the first Juneteenth – the celebration became a federal holiday, changing the understanding of awareness of the holiday for millions of Americans. On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re talking with Dr. Dennis Doster, who runs the Black History Program for the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation about […]

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Episode —  № 232

Crabbing with Luke McFadden: The History and Future of Maryland’s Watermen

On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re setting a course for the Chesapeake Bay with first-generation Maryland crabber Luke McFadden. Luke’s story is anything but typical – from beginning crabbing at age 12 to developing a social media following to help build a brand – but his atypical approach to crabbing might just be what the industry […]

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Episode —  № 231

This Day In History: D-Day Land, a Conflict Between Tourism & Respect

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: The D-Day landings were the biggest invasion by sea in history. The landings took place on June 6, 1944 after five years of war with Germany. On this episode of PreserveCast, we spoke with a Normandy-based preservation organization opposed to the creation of a D-Day land. — As a preservationist, I […]

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Episode —  № 210

[RE-RELEASE] The Civil War Photo Sleuth: A Conversation with Kurt Luther

The American Civil War was the first war to be truly photo-documented. The haunting images stare back at us and make the brutal conflict real and humanize the tragedy. Yet, for all of the photos, many of the identities of the individuals captured are now unknown. Today, Civil War Photo Sleuth is using modern-day technology […]

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Episode —  № 230

The History of Entertainment: A Conversation with Smithsonian Curator Ryan Lintelman

The history of entertainment is a unique and compelling thread in America’s story – one that today’s guest has dedicated his life to studying, collecting, and interpreting. Ryan Lintelman is the Entertainment Curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and is putting the finishing touches on a massive new exhibit exploring this aspect […]

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Episode —  № 229

Tomb With a View: Cemetery History and Preservation with Liz Clappin

On this week’s PreserveCast, we’re sitting down with fellow podcaster Liz Clappin, host of Tomb with a View, to talk about the world of cemetery history and preservation to explore this unique and ever-present resource on America’s landscape. Liz is an architectural historian based in Atlanta, GA. She has a BA in Anthropology from the […]

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Episode —  № 228

Celebrating Historically: A Conversation with Kate Dear of Fetewell

Historic places are evocative, authentic, and powerful backdrops for events – and today’s guest has breathed new life into historic places across Maryland – and gained a massive following on social media as a result. We’re talking about celebrating in historic spaces and how to make history pay with Kate Dear of Fetewell. Kate Dear […]

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Episode —  № 227

Fade To Blue: Engaging Communities Through Photography

When a building’s fate is settled, what can be done to save its memories? How can a community be engaged and given an opportunity to tell their story about that place? For Cumberland, Maryland-based photographer, Michael Hunter Thompson, the answer is through detailed photography. On this week’s PreserveCast we’re talking about how this photography project engaged thousands and underscored the power of place that preservationists around the nation should think about as they work to rally communities of their own. 

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Episode —  № 226

Silent Footsteps: Telling the story of Servants in England with Alice Rose of Kiplin Hall

In life the servants and staff of Kiplin Hall moved through the house silently undertaking their duties. We see traces of them in the historical record through things like accounts ledgers and diary entries. Then and today, they are shadows, without whom Kiplin Hall could not have existed and thrived. On this week’s episode of PreserveCast, we’re talking with Alice Rose, Programming Curator and Project Officer of Kiplin Hall & Gardens to discuss their latest exhibit which explores the world of servants and how embracing a more inclusive story is building interest in this well-preserved historic home.

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Episode —  № 225

Exploring the World of James Herriot with Ian Ashton

Tucked away in Thirsk, England is the home of one of the 20th century’s most popular authors James Alfred ‘Alf’ Wight who wrote under the now famous pseudonym James Herriot. On today’s PreserveCast, we’re heading back across the pond to talk with Ian Ashton, the Managing Director of the World of James Herriot, about interpreting […]

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Episode —  № 224

PreserveCast Conversations Ep. 6: The Professor and the Practitioner

On this sixth edition of PreserveCast Conversations: The Professor and the Practitioner, an ongoing feature of PreserveCast, co-hosts Nicholas Redding and Dr. Whitney Martinko explore the trends, topics and issues that are making headlines in the world of preservation this month. They’re covering a lot of ground in today’s conversation on preservation and the issues that matter. For regular […]

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Episode —  № 223

Cutting Into Historic Art with Silhouette Artist Lauren Muney

There is something profoundly satisfying about seeing art produced in front of you – and something mesmerizing about seeing a silhouette cut in mere seconds that captures the look and feel of an individual. Today’s guest is preserving a historic artform passed down through the generations and is helping to tell important and diverse stories with her hands, paper and delicate scissors. On this week’s PreserveCast we’re talking about the history and future of hand cut silhouettes with master artist Lauren Muney.

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Episode —  № 222

The Best Jobs in History: A Conversation with Beth Maser and Addison Williams

History is a big field made up of a variety of disciplines. Finding the right people to do the job can be tough – but one of the nation’s foremost history firms is working to address that challenge with the launch of bestjobsinhistory.com. We’re talking for-profit history and recruiting the best and brightest with Beth Maser and Addison Williams of History Associates Incorporated.

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Episode —  № 221

Interpreting and Preserving History By Doing It: The World of ALHFAM with Kathy Dickson

Nothing can replace the experience of seeing history come alive – whether it be on a farm or a carpenters shop or some other authentic historic setting. The people doing this work, known as living historians, put great effort into this work and are supported by a national organization – Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums – who are working hard to keep history alive and make the field more representative of the stories they tell. All topics perfect to learn from on this week’s PreserveCast.

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Episode —  № 220

Sustainability, Equity, and Preservation: A Conversation with Dr. Erica Avrami

Dr. Erica Avrami’s research and publication on preservation policy is helping the movement reframe the way we think about our work – and helping to suggest ways of improving our efforts as we confront the legacy of preservation and the need for a more equitable, sustainable and just world – topics of conversation that I felt would be of great interest to all of our PreserveCast listeners.

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Episode —  № 219

The Cultural Destruction Wrought by Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine; a Conversation with Former Fulbright Scholar, Rachel Rettaliata

Historic preservationists know that our work isn’t just about physically preserving historic buildings, structures, and sites. It’s also about preserving and celebrating the intangible heritage and culture of people and their communities. I would be remiss, and sou would this podcast, if we didn’t lead by acknowledging the heart-breaking conflict in Ukraine and the value and importance of those intangible pieces of the Ukrainian identity, too. On this special edition of PreserveCast, we’re sitting down with Rachel Rettaliata to discuss what’s at risk as this illegal and unjust invasion drags on.

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