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Episode —  № 100

Preservation Incentives with Bill MacRostie of MacRostie Historic Advisors

It takes a village to make a preservation project a reality – and in today’s complex financial environment it also takes an expert in tax credit law to take a project from idea to completion. Today’s guest, Bill MacRostie is one of the nation’s leading experts in that complex but critical field. Sharpen your pencil […]

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Episode —  № 99

Maritime Preservation with Pete Lesher

Historic places and resources come in all shapes and sizes. On Maryland’s eastern shore, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum preserves and restores a wide variety of historic resources – including historic boats and ships. Today’s guest, Pete Lesher, the chief curator of the museum is assisting in the latest restoration project of the 1882 Chesapeake […]

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Episode —  № 98

Preservation Around the World with Melanie Lytle of Restoration Works International

Do you enjoy international travel, historic buildings, and helping to restore important places? This week’s guest works to connect those interests through her work as Executive Director of Restoration Works International, an organization whose mission is to restore buildings of cultural significance and provide cultural exchange and understanding. Make sure you have your passport ready […]

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Episode —  № 97

How An Historic Site Learned New Tricks with James Donohue of Old Sturbridge Village

Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, like Colonial Williamsburg to the south, is now historic in its own right. Founded in 1946, the 72-year old museum has told the story of the early federal period for nearly five decades – and like any institution of its size and scope – it is working hard to adapt […]

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Episode —  № 96

A Taste of History with Foodways Historian Joyce White

Food is a powerful tool for building relationships, warming the soul and providing comfort. Food can also tell us a lot about a culture – and can tell us a lot about our history. For foodways historian Joyce White, historic food is not only her passion, it’s also her career. Warm up something tasty as […]

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Episode —  № 95

The Intersection of Historic Preservation and Smart Growth with Kimberly Golden Brandt of Smart Growth Maryland

Historic preservation and smart growth are cut from the same cloth – and are interconnected in a variety of important ways. When we grow smart, we revitalize historic communities and keep from sprawling outward. It’s a message that Preservation Maryland has been making for years – but in the past several months the organization has […]

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Episode —  № 94

Training A Volunteer Workforce to Save Historic Places with Towny Anderson of HistoriCorps

Towny Anderson has over 40 years of experience with historic preservation. He has restored historic properties first as craftsman, then contractor, and later developer and owner. He was an independent scholar, cum laude graduate of Middlebury College and attended the Preservation Leadership Training program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Anderson served as Vermont’s […]

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Episode —  № 93

Ghosts, Mysteries, and Creepy Histories with Mindie Burgoyne and the Second Annual PreserveCast Spooktacular

If you work in historic preservation long enough, inevitably the question comes up, “Do you believe in ghosts?” For today’s guest, Mindie Burgoyne, she’s made a career of telling those stories as a travel writer, blogger, author, and most famously, a tour operator. Her focus is traveling within the context of a story to the mystical places […]

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Episode —  № 92

Unpacking the Phillips Packing Plant with Katie Parks White and the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

The Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is truly a renaissance organization. With a proud history of land conservation, the conservancy also operates the Center for Towns, a program focused on the health and sustainability of the Eastern Shore’s historic communities. Most recently, one of the organization’s projects has been selected as one of Preservation Maryland’s Six-to-Fix projects for […]

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Episode —  № 91

Preserving Cultural Landscapes with Dr. John Sprinkle and the National Park Service’s Park History Program

Land conservation usually conjures up images of vast scenic landscapes and natural wonders featuring places like Yosemite, Shenandoah, and Yellowstone. But what’s equally as important to America’s land conservation story has been the effort to protect and conserve landscapes of historical value. Today’s guest, Dr. John Sprinkle, is the Bureau Historian for the National Park Service’s […]

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Episode —  № 90

Grassroots Preservation with Carrie Albee and the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation

While national and state preservation groups may grab the headlines, preservation is truly won and lost at the local level. It’s the grassroots advocates and volunteers working in communities across the nation who are accomplishing the challenging work of preserving historic places. Today’s guest, Carrie Albee, is leading the efforts of Frederick County Landmarks, a group charged […]

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Episode —  № 89

Down in the Shenandoah Valley with Kristie Kendall and the Piedmont Environmental Council

Virginia’s Piedmont is a magical place, filled with rich, verdant farmland and the Shenandoah National Park. Protecting a place this large and special is no simple task. Fortunately, the Piedmont Environmental Council has been on the job since 1972 and has preserved hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Recently, they’ve launched a new historic […]

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Episode —  № 88

Incorporating Contemporary Sound in Historic Spaces with Ian Hoffman

Reusing and restoring historic places requires many specialized skill sets. For historic theaters and music venues, a major component in that process is making the space sound right. It’s no easy task and for today’s guest, Professor Ian Hoffman, it’s a job that has taken him across the globe. Ian is an architect and acoustic designer. His career […]

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Episode —  № 87

Myth Busting Historic Tax Credits with Renee Kuhlman

The term policy is usually associated with facts, figures, and dry, boring statistics. Today’s guest, Renee Kuhlman, proves that association wrong. In her 19 years at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Renee has provided advocacy training, written articles, and briefs on policy issues, and has worked with preservationists around the country to effect real […]

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Episode —  № 86

Saving Historic Ellicott City with Mary Catherine Cochran

Ellicott City Maryland is a place that exudes authenticity. It has been flooded again and again, traipsed over by Civil War soldiers, and stained by locomotive smoke. Unfortunately, the most recent floods have resulted in local officials calling to demolish large portions of the historic district, a move that could set a terrible precedent here […]

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Episode —  № 85

Modernizing Historic Annapolis with Karen Theimer Brown

For today’s guest, heading back to the eighteenth century is a daily occurrence and a requirement. Karen Theimer Brown is the vice-president of preservation at Historic Annapolis, a non-profit organization tasked with protecting, preserving and interpreting the history of Maryland’s capital city. Founded in 1649, Annapolis remains one of the most authentic and intact colonial […]

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Episode —  № 84

Two-Stepping Through Dance Hall Country with Steph McDougal

Preservationists often wear many hats across a variety of fields. Today’s guest is no exception. Steph McDougal is a preservation renaissance figure – working as a preservation consultant, authoring books about Texas architecture, and volunteering her time to serve her community and to save historic dance halls throughout the Lone Star State.  Not only is Steph the founder of McDoux […]

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Episode —  № 83

Exploring Harriet Tubman’s Dorchester County with Amanda Fenstermaker

Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a place rich in history. Dorchester County, founded in 1669, is one of the Shores’ most historic places – a place perhaps most famous for its connection to Harriet Tubman – one of Maryland’s most iconic and daring daughters. This week’s guest Amanda Fenstermaker works tirelessly to market, advocate, and protect […]

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Episode —  № 82

Deep Sea Diving with Dr. Robert Neyland

Underwater archaeology holds a special place in historic preservation. Dramatic, risky, cold, murky are all words that come to mind. For the stalwart archaeologists of the United States Naval History and Heritage Command it’s not just about finding history. It’s also about protecting the 242 year legacy of the United States Navy. Dr. Robert Neyland, […]

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Episode —  № 81

Flying Through Aviation History with Andrea Cochrane Tracey

The World War I fighter ace Eddie Rickenbacker once wrote that, “Aviation is proof that given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.” Today’s guest, Andrea Cochrane Tracey, is leading the effort to preserve and interpret the College Park Aviation Museum, a place that tells that story of conquering the impossible just […]

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